Safe, Collaborative, Empowered 🏔️

Where the top 1% in product spend time supporting each other, collectively levelling up

“Being an executive can feel lonely, it’s hard having the top job at what we do.
So, we wanted to make a place where any leader could go to be themselves, have a group build them up, and shape the careers we all put so many hours into”
James Routledge, Founder of Product Land
Founder, Product Land
The best of the best
Meet the product folks who are already part of the 1%

Pay it forward

Our network prioritizes helping others over personal gain. We actively listen and think, "How can I help?" rather than "Is this important to me?".

Lean in

Members embrace vulnerability, ask questions without hesitation, and leverage the collective knowledge and experience of over 50 companies. You can rely on us to assist you with any challenge you face.

Turn up

We commit to attending at least one event each quarter. By being present, we build meaningful connections and establish the trust necessary for talking about our most difficult challenges.

So, how do we work together?
Once you’re in Product land there are a couple of things we do to all make sure we get the benefits out of our network
Daily Chat
Stay engaged and pay it forward in our active daily group, to seek advice, share insights, and connect with our vibrant community.
Weekly Watercooler
Dive into our weekly Zoom sessions for casual discussions, support, and brainstorming with fellow members.
Monthly In-Person Event
Join us for our exclusive monthly gatherings in the real world, providing you with the opportunity to network, learn, and grow.
Personal Introductions
Get introduced to a new member each month, helping you expand your network and get to know the incredible people here.

We all chip in £25.00

To make it work, we each contribute £25.00 a month so we can run our events and occasionally throw a good party. This isn’t about making money, it’s about buying the kind of private space we need for the group of people we are. We did try noisy pubs, not our vibe 🍻.

And, space to be yourself
We’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Techspace to have a place to work and meet in a couple times a month